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Green Monster Games

Green Monster Games, LLC is preparing to burst onto the online gaming scene in epic and remarkable fashion. A company founded on character and integrity, GMG will turn the industry on its ear with a product release and business model never before seen. Todd McFarlane (yes, the Todd McFarlane of fame) is serving as GMG's Art Director. R.A. Salvatore (yes, the R.A. Salvatore who created the world's most famous dark elf found at, is GMG's Creative Director. Collaborating with GMG President Curt Schilling (he of the 2004 curse-breaking Red Sox and avid hardcore MMOer), this trio is assembling the world's most creative talent to produce what will be seen as the most epic, industry-changing game in the history of online gaming.

The company is first and foremost looking for people of impeccable character and integrity, with talent and passion to boot. The most in-depth and lucrative profit-sharing plan in the industry combined with human resources and the best benefits plan the law allows are part of becoming a member of the GMG family--and by family, we truly mean family. We are looking to nurture and harness something special, with unique people possessing incredible talent. This listing may not sound typical, and might even seem unbelievable, but it only scratches the surface of how very different GMG is from other environments. Being a member of the GMG family will truly mean something, and getting in will be as much a test of character as it is of talent.

Lead Programmer

We are looking for extremely driven and talented programmers with multiple areas of expertise. In an industry that has seen years go by with companies raking in the lion's share of the revenue, GMG is proposing something very different. The talent that creates the products at GMG will be splitting half of the profit pie.

Primary qualifications we are seeking include (but are not limited to):

Working knowledge of the Gamebryo engine
Ability to design, develop, document, and debug quality code
Design and implement server/client side game code for massively multiplayer games
Work with a team of highly talented programmers, artists, and designers
C++ experience
Strong background in client/server/network programming (TCP/IP, UDP, Sockets)

The Url is


Chess Features
This alpha-version chess application demonstrates the concept of 'browser as platform'. It can be played as a single player or a multi-player networked game.In the single player mode, it utilizes the first implementation of a JavaScript/AJAX Chess Engine running in your browser that calculates beyond 2-ply. This release, when set to its top level, searches a minimum of 5-ply ahead and continues indefinitely for particularly critical configurations. This is obviously not a demonstration of a Grandmaster-strength chess engine, which would probably require at least 12-ply, but a proof of concept application that demonstrates the 'browser as computing platform' concept.

In the multi-player network mode, you play via an application which is running in your browser, i.e. you initiate the browser chess game and invite your friend to join the game using their browser. If you download this game and run it from your local computer, you can play network chess in a peer-to-peer mode, which does not require a central server.
The purpose behind developing this application is to push the boundaries of what can conceivably be run within a browser. If you want to contribute to its development please feel free to do so. All the source code (currently in Object Pascal) is available online so jump in...
Enjoy it, Martin Roberts :)

Release Notes
Release 0.6This alpha release offers a much improved chess engine which features a more efficient heuristic algorithm, quiescent searching, as well as a more sophisticated evaluation function.

Release v0.5This alpha release resolves the JavaScript timing issues in browsers. The depth of search has also been increased to 4-ply. A few basic optimization modifications to the project have also been implemented.

Release v0.4 This alpha release has an inbuilt chess engine developed with WebOS AppsBuilder. This application is written using Object Pascal and is compiled into pure html and JavaScript so that it can run in the browser. This initial release is able to compute 2-ply ahead (1 full-move look-ahead). The code is not optimized yet nor is it the most efficient way of writing a chess engine.

Release v0.3This alpha release introduces the option of a single player mode, i.e. you play against the application running in the browser. The application uses a random move generator to create its responses to your moves.

Release v0.2This alpha release of the Morfik Chess program addresses the ability to have two people playing chess through a browser. The application runs in the browser, i.e. you initiate a browser chess game and invite your friend to join the game using her/his browser. There is no server involvement except to save the game should you wish to stop and come back to the game at a later time. As you will know the server methodology used by all other two player chess games places an inherent limit on the number of chess games that can be supported concurrently via the central server.

Obviously this limitation is removed with Morfik Chess as each instance runs in its own browser and has the full resources of the PC at its disposal (albeit through the browser).

Release v0.1This alpha release of the Morfik Chess program demonstrates the implementation of rich chess UI using AJAX and concentrates on:

- chess board layout - animation of the opponent's pieces;

- drag-and-drop moving;

- visual indications of all legal moves for each piece; - PDF output of game summary;

- auto saving of network games;

- standard long-algebraic notation of moves; and- standard FEN notation for board configurations.

The Url is


Welcome to! We hope you enjoy your stay here and help us build a multiplayer community we are hoping will gather around this site.

We've looked everywhere for an online multiplayer version of the first RTS game EVER! However we were dissapointed in what we found, and decided to create our own. As they say, the rest is history... in the making (since this is a beta).

What is battleship?Read all about it on wikipedia.

How do I play?Just click on the "GAME" link above and follow instructions.

Is this free?Absolutely!!! But you could support us by sending cash, beer, used car parts and sheesha coal. Emotional support is also appreciated. And nothing is better for the mood than fresh, crispy hundred dollar bill.


Welcome to the first stock exchange on headline news!

On, you can bet on the popularity of politicians, sporting teams or events, ideas, stars, natural catastrophies, etc., in fact on any word that makes the headlines. The words are rated according to the number of times they appear in 3000 anglophone media web sites from around the world. Buy the words you believe in, sell the others!

Register now and receive $10,000 play money to start trading

Already registered? Login here.
$$$ Win $150 cash $$$
From August 7 there will be weekly competitions on Trendio, every week you can win $150 cash !You have to complete your registration to participate.See the rankings for the current competition.


Welcome to the alexadex, where players compete for fame and glory by buying and selling shares in sites on the world wide web. The price of a share is set at the site's daily reach per million, according to You get $10,000† just for signing up, so get started!


How to Play Linez
IntroductionLinez is a work-safe, family-safe, free online puzzle game which is easy to pick up but quite challenging to play well. A web browser with Flash Player 7 (or higher) is required to play Linez.

Getting Started1. Enter your nickname and click "OK".

2. Click the "new game" button.

3. Get as many points as possible by lining up 5 or more pieces of the same color horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the 9x9 board. To move a piece, click on it, then click on the target. The target must not be occupied or blocked by existing pieces.

Once five or more pieces are lined up, they will be removed from the board, and your score will increase by 10 or more. (Check the "Score Table" for details.)

Otherwise, three new pieces (shown at the bottom-right corner) will be thrown onto the board at random positions before you can take another move.

4. When the board is full, your final score will be automatically submitted to the game server where a high-score list is maintained.

Score TableNumber of lined up pieces Score 5 +10 6 +13 7 +17 8 +22 9 +28 10 +35 ... ... k +10+(k-5)*k/2

Notes1. Numbers on the pieces are visual clues for color-blind players.
They do not affect your score.

2. You don't get points when a line is automatically removed. This is not a bug. It's a rule.
3. The original game concept was allegedly conceived by Oleg Demin; this free online version is brought to you by Wang Zhen.

The Url is


2005-10-22 There are two changes to the game, one visible, one not so much. First, using the customization page you can now add a box containing the words that you found last game that others also found. These words interact with the score list in the same way that words you missed do, lighting up when you point at a player who guessed that word and causing all players who guessed the word to light up when you point at the word. Second, I have eliminated the "team effect" except for players who deliberately choose to play as a team. Players who choose the same game name will now have separate score entries unless they choose a name that starts with "team", such as "Team Green Jeans" or "tEAm:p0w3r". Enjoy!

2005-7-27 The good news is that the server transition is finally done, and the community area is back up. The bad news is that the game still gets stuck from time to time. I've finished my first two quarters of law school, and have a break during which I'll have slightly more time to work on WEBoggle. New features may get added, but then again they may not. I appreciate your patience, and the generosity of those of you who have donated.

2005-5-7 Transition to the new server has begun! In an attempt to keep things running with as little interruption as possible, all server access is being redirected temporarily to "", so you'll need to re-enter your game name, and re-customize if you've done that. Don't change your bookmarks! After a few hours, we'll be switching back to the old name and removing the temporary one. Here's hoping this fixes things.

2005-3-8 There is some sort of problem with the current server setup that causes it to choke several times a day. It isn't directly related to the number of players, since the server will be merrily handling over a hundred players with little or no effort just minutes before choking.
When you see the system slow down, chances are that my monitoring program is about to notice a choke in progress and reset everything. Sadly, it takes a minute or so of slowness before the monitor sees the problem, then all of the guesses that have stacked up become "too late". I'd really like to fix the problem, but I cannot find any clue that would explain what's going on. I may be moving to a different server next week, which may fix the problem. In the meantime, all I can do is shrug and look sheepish. Baa :-(

2005-2-13 Two whole months? Wow. I regret that I am likely to be even more scarce in the coming months than I have been recently. You see, I am now officially a Law Student. I've had my first week, met Pennoyer v. Neff and Pierson v. Post, and learned for certain that I will be among the busiest of beavers for at least the next nine months. Fear not for the game, however! I will continue to host and watch over it. Within the past few days, I have set up a monitor system that should kick the server whenever it gets into one of its little moods. Good luck, and good guessing to you all!

2004-12-13 Many of you should now have seen the server-update push code in action. The most recent change links the "Last round scores" to the "Words you missed last round" -- mouse over a player to highlight the words they found, or mouse over a word to see who found it. You can also "lock in on" a player's words by clicking on the player. Click on the player again to "unlock" and go back to mouse-hover mode.

2004-12-11 The server code, and the way that it communicates with the client, is completely changed. Among other things, this allowed me to implement the much-requested "words only I got" feature. If you've customized your board layout, you'll need to go back to the customizing page if you want to see this. I can now push code updates without waiting for players to reload the game page. There should no longer be repeating boards or zero-score boards.

2004-11-11 In the process of trying to squish the "my score goes down after the round ends" bug, I managed to break the game for people behind Squid proxies (and possibly other kinds of proxy/firewall). Both problems should now be gone. This probably won't mean anything to 99.9% of you, but it makes a big difference whether you use .send(null) or .send("") with a POST XMLHTTPRequest. The former breaks proxies.

2004-10-19 I'm still intimidated by the project of trimming the word list, but I've been keeping my hand in with minor fixes. Games in which all words have been found no longer break the scoreboard. Customizations should now be retained from session to session. Pefect scores are now correct. To stem further reporting of this as a bug, I hereby announce the "Team Effect" as a feature: if more than one person plays using the same game name, they will be treated as a single person (or team, if you like) by the server. This happens whether or not you intended it, or even were aware that someone else chose the name, so make sure that your name isn't too likely to be chosen by a new player.

2004-10-06 Hurrah! The long month is over, my project has gone to production, and I've taken the LSAT. Time at last for updates: totally revamped client code now allows you to completely customize your game page layout and "disemvowel" player names, among other changes. Force-reload your game chooser and game pages if you don't see the changes or have other problems. Next up is dictionary whittling and server-side changes to improve debugging and allow features such as subgames. Stay tuned!

2004-09-06 Dictionarygeddon! After several excellent recommendations, I've settled on a new word list for WEBoggle. It's called YAWL 0.3 and contains more than three times as many words as the old one. It contains quite a few words that I had rejected under the old system (due to words in the non-free section of, or words like "zoic"), so experiment! I still accept word suggestions, but I'll be checking them against instead of Merriam-Webster. Given the size and comprehensiveness of YAWL, I don't expect to be adding many words.

2004-09-02 WEBoggle players now have somewhere to go to hook up with each other and talk about their crippling addiction. For now, there's just a few threaded discussion forums and the same old news items. Check it out!

2004-08-31 Oy, a brown-bag-over-the-head day for me. A bug in the server's fault recovery code caused the 5x5 board to stall shortly after I set out in the car on a four-hour errand. I fixed it as soon as I got back, then broke the chooser screen while updating it. Sigh. Thank you all for your patience.Oh, and for those of you using solvers, a request: please prefix your game name with "SOLV:" so that others don't become too discouraged.

2004-08-29 Massive, stupendous, painstaking refactoring of the JavaScript code is now complete. Of course, if I did it correctly, you folks should only see minor changes (such as the scoring countdown). Also, I believe I have squashed the evil "Not on board" bug. I've tested the new code in Mozilla and IE, and am crossing my fingers that the Safari and Opera folks don't get hosed. By the way, if your game seems to get "stuck", try clicking on the status message just below the guess area to give the game a kick-start.

The Url is

Play the Chihuahua Puzzle

Try out your word-making skills on this free online word puzzle.

The aim is to make as many words as you can from nine given letters. The letter in the middle has to be used in every word. Your words must be at least four letters long, and there must be at least one nine-letter word.

There are two new puzzles every day. And if that's not enough, you can get a random puzzle whenever you like. See how high you can go on the Chihuahua scoreboard!

Getting started with Chihuahua Make as many words as you can with the letters given, always using the middle letter with the yellow background. Your words must have 4 letters or more, plurals and verb forms ending in S are not allowed, and at least one must use all 9 letters.
Click on a letter to use it in your word. Click on the arrow symbol when your word is finished.
Put your name on the scoreboard and compete against the world!

Press the button near the bottom right corner for more information at any time.

Chihuahua Update

Congratulations - you made your first million!

Words, that is. A million words have now been played in Chihuahua. Read about it here.Progress
023Good36Better50Best There are new daily Chihuahua puzzles at midnight, GMT, each day. Everyone playing the current day's puzzle goes on to the scoreboard (displayed to the right of the puzzle).

Click here to see when the next puzzle is due.

To learn more about the Chihuahua puzzle, visit the Help Page or the Questions and Answers Page.

Other Games at lexigame.comLetterbox Word Game: A Web game where you make words across and down in a 4 by 4 grid, using random letters. Compete against the computer. Lexi Word Game: The Letterbox game comes to your mobile phone! Ozlip, the Word Game for Aussies: The word-building game that uses an Australian vocabulary. Play Ozlip on the Web or on your Telstra mobile phone. Bonus points for Aussie words. Recommended Word Game DirectoriesThe Latest Word Games at Millions of Games. You can just use this as a game directory, or you can build your own list of favourite game links. Free Word Games at Word Games in the Open Directory Project Word Games in the AllWords Language Guide AcknowledgementsThe following sources have been useful in the creation of the Chihuahua word puzzle.

WordsChihuahua uses its own word list, compiled with the use of many resources, in particular:
The lists at Kevin's Word List Page, especially the 12dicts lists compiled by Alan Beale OneLook® Dictionary Search the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (1993) words suggested by players of the Letterbox Word Game

Chihuahua also uses YAWL (Yet Another Word List), compiled and placed in the public domain by Mendel Cooper. (The list and associated documentation and software may be downloaded from his Available Software site.)

For general information and ideas on word games, David Parlett's Web site and books, The Penguin Book of Word Games (1982) and The Guinness Book of Word Games (1995) have been most helpful.

SoftwareChihuahua is designed to run without the need for Java or Flash plugins. It uses JavaScript and CSS. Perl has been used for server scripting. Communication with the server uses, where available, the techniques that have been called "Ajax" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XMLHttp).

JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook (2003) by Danny Goodman has lots of useful examples, and good coverage of browser variations.

Web Designer's Reference (2005) by Craig Grannell concentrates on CSS.

Apple's Web page on Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequest Object
The AJAX Matters Web site for a wide-ranging set of links to resources on Asynchronous JavaScript and XMLHttp

The How To Create Web site for useful tips on alternatives to XMLHttp for browsers that don't support it.

Mark Huckvale's Demonstration of Different ways to Play a Sound from a Web Page
And thanks also to my friends who have tried out the Chihuahua puzzle and given me valuable findings and suggestions.


Needless to say, none of the worthy authors listed above are responsible for anything wrong with the Chihuahua puzzle or website. All bugs, design flaws and the like are my own work.

The Url is


I'v always had a soft spot for minesweeper and now Morfik have developed an AJAX driven version of the game. The game is a good rendition of the classic minesweeper game, including a timer and different levels of difficulty (size of game board).

The game doesn't feature any social networking features. For example high score tables for the different levels might be one way forward.

The same team also have developed an AJAX Pong game. Again it is a very good version of a classic game. It does however require two players on the same computer. The obvious development here would be to allow players to play against each other on line.

Top Ten Web 2.0 Games

1. Chihuahua
A Boggle type game in which the player has to make as many words as possible out of the given letters. Each game is open for 24 hours. Most activity is seen around midnight (GMT) when new games begin and players frantically try to get to the top of the leaderboard.

2. WeBoggle
WeBoggle is Boggle as you online. The fun is enhanced by seeing how high you can make it on the leaderboard. Each game lasts for 2 and a half minutes.

3. Linez
Linez is an intriguing game in which the player has to place coloured cubes in a line to remove them from the board. The problem is more cubes keep appearing. The game features a high score table and a weekly competition.

4. Sudoku Craving
Sudoku Craving offers a new Sudoku challenge everyday. Players are invited to rate each finished game which gives the site a nice community feel.

5. Alexadex
Alexadex is an on-line trading game in which players buy and sell imaginary shares in web sites. Shares rise and fall based on the site's Alexa rating.

6. Trendio
Similar in concept to Alexadex this is a trading game in which players bet on the popularity of politicians, sporting teams or events, ideas, stars, natural catastrophies, etc. However whereas Alexadex is based on Alexa rankings Trendio rates words according to the number of times they appear in 3000 anglophone media web sites from around the world.

7. TagMan
TagMan is the classic game of hangman but using tags from Web 2.0 sites such as Technorati, and Flickr.

8. Solitaire Craving
Each day a new solitaire card challenge is set for players to solve. Again it is rated by the players and the comment box under the game often includes clues submitted by other players.

9. MorfikChess
MorfikChess is an AJAX chess game. The game features single-player and multi-player options, with a chat utility so that you can attempt to psyche out/distract your opponent.

10. SinkMyShip
SinkMyShip is an AJAX driven battleship game. The game sports a chat room so you can communicate with fellow players as you play.These ratings are based purely on the exit ratings from this page.