Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Green Monster Games

Green Monster Games, LLC is preparing to burst onto the online gaming scene in epic and remarkable fashion. A company founded on character and integrity, GMG will turn the industry on its ear with a product release and business model never before seen. Todd McFarlane (yes, the Todd McFarlane of www.spawn.com fame) is serving as GMG's Art Director. R.A. Salvatore (yes, the R.A. Salvatore who created the world's most famous dark elf found at www.rasalvatore.com), is GMG's Creative Director. Collaborating with GMG President Curt Schilling (he of the 2004 curse-breaking Red Sox and avid hardcore MMOer), this trio is assembling the world's most creative talent to produce what will be seen as the most epic, industry-changing game in the history of online gaming.

The company is first and foremost looking for people of impeccable character and integrity, with talent and passion to boot. The most in-depth and lucrative profit-sharing plan in the industry combined with human resources and the best benefits plan the law allows are part of becoming a member of the GMG family--and by family, we truly mean family. We are looking to nurture and harness something special, with unique people possessing incredible talent. This listing may not sound typical, and might even seem unbelievable, but it only scratches the surface of how very different GMG is from other environments. Being a member of the GMG family will truly mean something, and getting in will be as much a test of character as it is of talent.

Lead Programmer

We are looking for extremely driven and talented programmers with multiple areas of expertise. In an industry that has seen years go by with companies raking in the lion's share of the revenue, GMG is proposing something very different. The talent that creates the products at GMG will be splitting half of the profit pie.

Primary qualifications we are seeking include (but are not limited to):

Working knowledge of the Gamebryo engine
Ability to design, develop, document, and debug quality code
Design and implement server/client side game code for massively multiplayer games
Work with a team of highly talented programmers, artists, and designers
C++ experience
Strong background in client/server/network programming (TCP/IP, UDP, Sockets)

The Url is http://www.greenmonstergames.net


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