Tuesday, September 12, 2006


How to Play Linez
IntroductionLinez is a work-safe, family-safe, free online puzzle game which is easy to pick up but quite challenging to play well. A web browser with Flash Player 7 (or higher) is required to play Linez.

Getting Started1. Enter your nickname and click "OK".

2. Click the "new game" button.

3. Get as many points as possible by lining up 5 or more pieces of the same color horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the 9x9 board. To move a piece, click on it, then click on the target. The target must not be occupied or blocked by existing pieces.

Once five or more pieces are lined up, they will be removed from the board, and your score will increase by 10 or more. (Check the "Score Table" for details.)

Otherwise, three new pieces (shown at the bottom-right corner) will be thrown onto the board at random positions before you can take another move.

4. When the board is full, your final score will be automatically submitted to the game server where a high-score list is maintained.

Score TableNumber of lined up pieces Score 5 +10 6 +13 7 +17 8 +22 9 +28 10 +35 ... ... k +10+(k-5)*k/2

Notes1. Numbers on the pieces are visual clues for color-blind players.
They do not affect your score.

2. You don't get points when a line is automatically removed. This is not a bug. It's a rule.
3. The original game concept was allegedly conceived by Oleg Demin; this free online version is brought to you by Wang Zhen.

The Url is http://linez.varten.net/


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