Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Play the Chihuahua Puzzle

Try out your word-making skills on this free online word puzzle.

The aim is to make as many words as you can from nine given letters. The letter in the middle has to be used in every word. Your words must be at least four letters long, and there must be at least one nine-letter word.

There are two new puzzles every day. And if that's not enough, you can get a random puzzle whenever you like. See how high you can go on the Chihuahua scoreboard!

Getting started with Chihuahua Make as many words as you can with the letters given, always using the middle letter with the yellow background. Your words must have 4 letters or more, plurals and verb forms ending in S are not allowed, and at least one must use all 9 letters.
Click on a letter to use it in your word. Click on the arrow symbol when your word is finished.
Put your name on the scoreboard and compete against the world!

Press the button near the bottom right corner for more information at any time.

Chihuahua Update

Congratulations - you made your first million!

Words, that is. A million words have now been played in Chihuahua. Read about it here.Progress
023Good36Better50Best There are new daily Chihuahua puzzles at midnight, GMT, each day. Everyone playing the current day's puzzle goes on to the scoreboard (displayed to the right of the puzzle).

Click here to see when the next puzzle is due.

To learn more about the Chihuahua puzzle, visit the Help Page or the Questions and Answers Page.

Other Games at lexigame.comLetterbox Word Game: A Web game where you make words across and down in a 4 by 4 grid, using random letters. Compete against the computer. Lexi Word Game: The Letterbox game comes to your mobile phone! Ozlip, the Word Game for Aussies: The word-building game that uses an Australian vocabulary. Play Ozlip on the Web or on your Telstra mobile phone. Bonus points for Aussie words. Recommended Word Game DirectoriesThe Latest Word Games at Millions of Games. You can just use this as a game directory, or you can build your own list of favourite game links. Free Word Games at www.free-games.com.au Word Games in the Open Directory Project Word Games in the AllWords Language Guide AcknowledgementsThe following sources have been useful in the creation of the Chihuahua word puzzle.

WordsChihuahua uses its own word list, compiled with the use of many resources, in particular:
The lists at Kevin's Word List Page, especially the 12dicts lists compiled by Alan Beale OneLook® Dictionary Search the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (1993) words suggested by players of the Letterbox Word Game

Chihuahua also uses YAWL (Yet Another Word List), compiled and placed in the public domain by Mendel Cooper. (The list and associated documentation and software may be downloaded from his Available Software site.)

For general information and ideas on word games, David Parlett's Web site and books, The Penguin Book of Word Games (1982) and The Guinness Book of Word Games (1995) have been most helpful.

SoftwareChihuahua is designed to run without the need for Java or Flash plugins. It uses JavaScript and CSS. Perl has been used for server scripting. Communication with the server uses, where available, the techniques that have been called "Ajax" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XMLHttp).

JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook (2003) by Danny Goodman has lots of useful examples, and good coverage of browser variations.

Web Designer's Reference (2005) by Craig Grannell concentrates on CSS.

Apple's Web page on Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequest Object
The AJAX Matters Web site for a wide-ranging set of links to resources on Asynchronous JavaScript and XMLHttp

The How To Create Web site for useful tips on alternatives to XMLHttp for browsers that don't support it.

Mark Huckvale's Demonstration of Different ways to Play a Sound from a Web Page
And thanks also to my friends who have tried out the Chihuahua puzzle and given me valuable findings and suggestions.


Needless to say, none of the worthy authors listed above are responsible for anything wrong with the Chihuahua puzzle or website. All bugs, design flaws and the like are my own work.

The Url is http://chi.lexigame.com/


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